How Do You Know If You Are Pregnant? Some Early Signs That You Need to Know

Pregnancy is a condition in which each woman’s symptoms are different from other women, especially newlyweds are under severe pressure in this regard. Every moment after marriage, she feels as if she is pregnant. Various things like old women further aggravate this confusion. You can confirm it at your home as well as by visiting the best gynecologist.

Symptoms of pregnancy before periods

Am I pregnant? This question resonates with a pregnant woman for the first time a hundred times a day. Changes occur that announce a pregnancy.

Symptoms include frequent urination, chest tightness and tightness, fatigue, and morning sickness. 

Indications of being pregnant in the main month

In some women, the symptoms of Pregnancy are so severe that they start appearing before the periods are missed, while in some women, it is only after the periods are missed that it is revealed that they are pregnant.

How to check for Pregnancy at home

In addition to the symptoms, before contacting the doctor, the test can be done at home to find out whether the pregnancy has stopped or not. This pregnancy test can be done by testing the amount of HCG hormone in the urine, and the amount of this hormone starts to increase rapidly from the time of pregnancy. You can get more information from your best gynecologist.  

However, it may take some time for it to appear on the pregnancy test strip, so if the initial symptoms are clear and do not appear in the pregnancy test report, repeat the test after a week so that the hormone strip will be clear. The amount can usually be seen on the strip three to four weeks after the pregnancy.

Sometimes, pregnancy symptoms are so severe in the early stages that it is necessary to consult a doctor. In such a situation, you should see the best gynecologist, but it is necessary to consult a general practitioner.

Five Common Symptoms of pregnancy

Because the symptoms of pregnancy are different in every woman, every woman can’t experience the same symptoms. Still, even if some of these symptoms do occur, there is a strong possibility that pregnancy is positive.

Missing periods

Delayed menstruation is another sign of pregnancy. After the pregnancy is over, the body begins to produce hormones that stop the ovulation process and prevent the uterus lining from breaking, which stops the flow of periods that the baby has. Holds until the birth of

But missing periods are due to pregnancy and sometimes stress, excessive exercise, hormonal imbalance, and other physical problems can also cause menstrual delay or irregularity.

Frequent urination

Assuming that you are pregnant before you miss your period, you may find that you need to urinate more frequently. It increases the rate at which the kidneys work faster, and it is filtering more blood and separating the urine from it, which may cause frequent urination.

Feeling tired

Most women experience moderate fatigue in the first month of pregnancy. This is because of an increase in the amount of the hormone prostaglandin, a pregnancy hormone. This symptom lasts for the first three months and begins to decrease from the fourth month.

However, in some women, the symptom returns in the last three months of pregnancy, and women experience fatigue and lethargy like in the early days, which lasts till delivery.

Morning skins

Although this symptom is called morning sickness, it can occur in any part of the day where nausea may be felt. This nausea may reach vomiting in some women, while some women may feel nausea only.

This symptom does not have to be obvious in every woman. Still, this symptom is present in some cases, including nausea due to a particular smell or feeling nauseous when looking at any food or drink.

From the first trimester of pregnancy onwards, this symptom decreases and gradually disappears.

Chest pain and tension

Breast enlargement can cause breast enlargement, pain, and tension. This symptom is similar to the stress before the onset of menstruation. During this time, the nipples of the breast may begin to darken. In addition, their size may increase.

This change is due to hormonal changes that return to normal over time.

When to consult the best gynecologist in case of pregnancy?

If you miss your periods and the pregnancy test done at home is also positive, then the next phase is to consult the best gynecologist and start using 400 mg of folic acid. Its use is very important for the early development of the child.

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