Guide to Building Stylish Activewear Wardrobe with Rockit

Guide to Building Stylish Activewear Wardrobe with Rockit

One would be called outdated if he considers athleisure just for fitness. With effortless and chic style options for men & women, athleisure has seamlessly become a casual part of our wardrobe choices. 

No matter if you want to go to the grocery store or hit the gym, you can do both in athleisure wear that is comfortable and stylish, at the same time. 

Gone are the days when people were stuck on basic and neutral colors in the name of fitness clothing. Modern millennials and Genz are not going back to those washed away gray colored track pants and they are not going to cut in order to come under the tag of athleisure. 

In this fashion guide, let’s try to find which athleisure wear pieces you can shop online and include in your workout slash active fit casual wardrobe. 

Choices are Countless with Performance Dry-Fit T-shirts

The most basic staple under activewear you can own is – Dry-Fit t-shirts. With the superpower to wick your sweat away, they are impeccably designed to keep your body temperature at an optimum temperature – not too cool and not too hot. 

At Rockit, there’s a wide range of Active Fit T-shirts you can explore to not only just look great, but feel great too. 

Amp Up Your Performance with Athletic Shorts

A staple with multifold functions, whether hitting the gym or just going for an evening stroll or even lounging at the airport, shorts are the perfect go-to active fit piece. The features are endless including comfortable waistbands and moisture-wicking tech embedded in the premium fabric. Talking about Rockit’s athletic shorts, they are the ones that get sold out in no time, making them our star product of all time. 

Layering with Active Fit Jackets

Layering is always important in the season when the temperature hits below average. The best option to choose from is – a lightweight, moisture-absorbing jacket. Keeping your body temperature at an optimum level, jackets also look highly fashionable. Workouts become easy as the jacket’s weight will never weigh you down while doing intense sessions. 

Don’t Forget the Classic Hoodie 

Trending & comfortable, a hoodie has been the king of casual athleisure wardrobe for ages. The athleisure piece that doesn’t comprise in style & comfort. Pair your oversized classic hoodie with joggers to get that baggy lazy Sunday look. Choose printed hoodies for a bold style appeal while pairing the same with joggers and basic sneakers. We recommend pairing the Rockit jogger with your wardrobe’s oversized hoodie to get started with that new rapper vibe the next time you want to shop for athleisure wear online. 

Key Takeaways

Choosing athleisure wear is not just a trend but an optimal choice to always remain in your comfort zone. Combining practicality & style, we suppose athleisure trends are not going anywhere anytime soon. Let’s discuss all the choices we have in order to make a stylish activewear wardrobe

  1. Dry-Fit T-shirts- With countless options, dry-fit t-shirts will always be rocking your workout sessions. 
  2. Those performance-oriented athletic shorts will help you do more reps or run more miles and believe us, they are super stretchy & comfortable. 
  3. Active Fit jackets are the best options when it comes to layering. Opt for them to maintain a perfect body temperature while working out in the chilly season.
  4. Before or after the gym, a hoodie will always make you feel at home.

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