Dubai Property Market’s 200% Price Hike: Buyers are Sellers Now!

Dubai Property Market's 200% Price Hike: Buyers are Sellers Now!

The Dubai property market has seen maximum price surges and fewer price declines. However, the previous year’s exceptional property sales have opened doors for the owners to sell their beloved units. It is not about selling out of a crisis but to gain the maximum profit of up to 200%. The demand is surpassing unprecedented growth compared to 2014’s exponential growth. The past year’s price hike now breaks the record for gaining a staggering profit for properties in Dubai. The supply-demand for properties is inclining, which is expected to stabilise the affordability for new buyers.

Dubai property market is significantly rising due to high price hike and property demands.

Terrific Dubai Property Price Increase | Bringing Exponentially Strong Profits

The price increase for properties in Dubai is evaluated after the magnificent sales of up to 100% for the developments. The areas, especially Palm Jumeirah, DIFC, and District 1 MBR, are the ones bringing great returns. It concluded after the newly launched branded residences’ maximum sales. Mercedes Benz Places Tower by Binghatti, Bugatti Residential Towers and Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences Business Bay Dubai are among the list of exponential sales. The Dubai property market is driving gloriously after the staggering luxury property sales. This is evident for high-priced properties and quick sales, projected for further price hikes.

The demand is high, and investors are looking to buy even at a high price due to the state’s stability, excellent economy and other benefits. The owners are experiencing the perfect time of their lives with price hikes for properties in Dubai, making high profits and significantly strengthening their real estate portfolios. Also, the new 41,500 apartments and 18,500 villas in 2024 will stabilise the electrifying surge, as mentioned in the Khaleej Times, which will once again make it feasible for mid-wage earners to invest.

Dubai Property Market’s High Rentals – The Sellers Hot Spot!

As the past two years have scaled down to the market’s preservation, factors such as end users doubled purchasing demand and high property demand are driving the rentals high. This particular set of factors demands to soar in the upcoming ever increase in rental prices, which is making it a seller’s dream escape. However, these in the affordable medium can be diminished or slowly brought down by the launch of new units available for sale.

It will help stabilise the rental increase as many properties will be available for residing, and the ever-higher price hike due to limited housing will be taken over, helping normalise rentals. 

Buyers are Sellers Now!

The current evaluation of the Dubai property market has led to maximum potential for sellers due to robust price hikes, gaining profits nearly as high as 50 to 200%. This magnificent increase in profit margins is leading the buyers to become sellers and gain a splendid profit, which can be used for further property investment. It is like reinvesting to get the best outcome through previous property sales. The critical benefits perceived by the Dubai property market’s swift expansion are mentioned below, as mentioned in Khaleej Times when quoting an interview with the managing director of Betterhomes, Louis Harding.

  1. Great ROI can be gained with the market’s significant expansion.
  2. Property owners can enjoy reasonable rates with a high ROI
  3. Property sales bring zero capital gains and further taxes, increasing the raw profit
  4. Population growth signifies property demand, which will automatically raise the prices
  5. Areas with limited supply can be targeted for significant profit gain

The mentioned features are optimising the interest rate of sellers to capitalise on the current conditions of Dubai capital real estate and utilising their gains to invest in further properties for a longing plan, which is discussed next.

Sell & Invest! What is it actually, and why are people opting for this notion?

Selling property in Dubai’s ongoing business sector offers financial backers an opportunity to gain significant increases, with costs having flooded up to 200% since the pandemic. This flood, powered by elevated interest, especially in regions with restricted supply, gives a profitable scene to dealers. Moreover, reinvesting the benefits from these deals into new improvements presents a chance for additional development.

With vigorous interest, restricted stock, and reliable returns, regions like Downtown, Jumeirah, Dubai Hills, Palm Jumeirah, and DIFC are featured as top-performing districts. In addition, forthcoming advancements guarantee to adjust private property costs amid variables like exorbitant rental fees and strengthening real estate portfolios in 2024.

Get the best real estate deals in Dubai property market.


The price hikes make it unaffordable for the new mid-wage earners to buy property in Dubai. The increasing supply demand is going to deliver a sound number of units, including comfortable apartments in Dubai and villas and other types, which are expected to maintain stability once again. Apart from these price hikes, it is likewise helping the Dubai property market gain a good reputation for homebuyers. The year 2024 will bring some headwinds in the Dubai property market. It can end on a note with high interest rates, affordability for newcomers, and more units to be constructed.


1. What can be expected from the Dubai property market in 2024?

The increase in property prices making it unaffordable for new home buyers to purchase, high-interest rates decreasing the mortgage value, and more properties to be constructed are the 2024 forecasts of the Dubai property market. 

2. Why is the Dubai property market going through price hikes for properties?

Due to previous years’ surges in property demand, high tourism and population, and an increase in GDP, these are the driving factors for today’s price hikes for properties in Dubai.

3. Which areas are the best performers for making high return on investment?

The Dubai property market has estimated the following areas to be the best performers for gaining high returns:

  1. Downtown Dubai
  2. District 1 MBR
  3. Palm Jumeirah
  4. DIFC

Areas such as Jumeirah Beach, with communities including Bulgari, La Mer, Nikki Beach, MJL, private Jumeirah villas, and Dubai Hills, also estimated a great return on investment.

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