Book the Perfect Apartments for Vacation in Pag City

Apartments Pag Croatia is situated in the heart of Pag city. We have different apartments to meet visitors requirements. The interior of the apartments is very cool and classy which appeals to the guests to visit and stay at our apartments again. 

Best Apartments in Pag Croatia

Visiting Pag Island is a very tranquil and charming experience. It is a joyful and peaceful place surrounded by warm waters, stunning views, and southern cultural heritage. It is full of natural beauty with figs and olive trees. We provide the best accommodation services i.e. Apartments with pool and villas. Our rooms are well designed, having attached bathrooms and big sized terrace for an epic ocean view. Different apartments are well designed as per common choices made by the visitors. 

Different Apartments offered

We offer different types of apartments as different persons have different needs and desires, so our offerings in apartments are mentioned in a detailed view:

  • Industrial style

This apartment is of duplex and industrial style. It has a capacity for 7 people with 2 bathrooms and 2 separate bedrooms. It also has a pool view and a living room. It is one of the best comfortable apartments for visitors. 

  • Scandinavian style

As the name defines, these apartments are well designed in Scandinavian style. It offers an intimate sea view and a big terrace. It is suitable for one family with 2 children. It has one bedroom with one extendable sofa in the living room and a bathroom. All the units of this style are fully air-conditioned. 

  • Classic style

In this style, there is only one bedroom with a big terrace. It is well furnished and refurbished to meet customer comfort and functionality. It provides an amazing view of Pag Bay. It is well suitable for a small family consisting of 4 members. 

  • Modern style

This Modern style apartment is located on the ground floor of the building. It is designed in a new style with a good sea view and a big terrace. It is located near the beach and well suitable for middle size family. It is designed to meet all the comfort levels of the visitors.

  • Shabby Chic style

As the name of the category suggests, this type of style is designed in Shabby Chic. It has a mega-size bedroom with an attached bathroom. It offers a double bed in the apartment. It provides a better sea view than other styles. It has a well-equipped kitchen and a big terrace with a beautiful view of the Pag bay. 

  • Mediterranean style

This Mediterranean style is well developed to accommodate up to 6 people. It offers 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a large living area. It has a huge terrace area to get a better sea view. It provides more comfort to the visitors. 

Note: One can choose any apartments from the best above mentioned. If you are having more members or children (up to 2 persons) then we will provide you 2 additional Fold-out beds (Single person each), just notify us before your arrival so that we can arrange and put up the same immediately. If you have 4 additional guests with you then we will charge additionally for more beds. Just ensure the exact number of persons and make the booking accordingly. 

Wrap up

​We, Villa Kajgo offer the best and most affordable accommodation to the visitors of Pag Island. We have all kinds of accommodations like villas, apartments, etc. Just get fun from the island and rest in our accommodations. We offer Croatia Apartments with a Pool for more fun. Just finalize your schedule and book acomfortable accommodation in our apartments and villas, we will be very delighted to serve our services to you. 

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