Best Women’s Fashion Trends In Delhi

The fashion trends in Delhi are dynamic and constantly evolving. The city is known for its eclectic style and its vibrant style due to influence from Indian fashion and contemporary global fashion. One of Delhi’s most prominent fashion trends is the use of Indian fabrics and their designs and patterns. Another essential aspect of Delhi’s fashion trend is the fusion of western and Indian styles.

Women’s ethnic wear is another popular fashion trend in Delhi. This includes the traditional Indian lehenga and sherwani with a modern touch. Delhi is also known for its street culture and often has lots of the city’s bustling markets and shopping areas. Trendy items such as oversized t-shirts, sneakers and ripped jeans, and unstitched suit set vendors can be seen in lots of its local markets. 

Different Fashion Trends in Delhi


Sarees are every green and every Indian girl’s first love. Saree is a traditional Indian outfit worn by women all across Delhi. Saree is a timeless piece of clothing that never seem to resist. Available in various designs and patterns, they are one of the trending clothing this season. One of the most famous saree in Delhi is the Banarasi saree which is often made from fine silk and known for its beautiful embroidery work of gold or silver zari work. These are the first choice of women of all ages, especially during weddings and other family functions. The Kanjeevaram is another popular saree in Delhi. This saree is popularly known for its rich colors and beautiful gold or silver borders and is often worn at wedding ceremonies and special events. 

Women pant suits

Women’s pantsuits have become popular in the last few years due to increased professionalism in Delhi. It offers you a stylish professional outfit to traditional dresses and skirts. A pantsuit is often a coordinated set of blazers and jackets with matching pants made from complementary or the same fabric. Due to the heavy demand of business meetings and professional outlook, women of a young age are preferring this attire to look impressive and decent. Pantsuits are versatile and can be dressed on any kind of occasion. In terms of accessories, women can complete their look with accessories such as high heels, statement jewelry, sneakers, a clutch bag, or a tote bag. These accessories will help you elevate the look and look more suitable for the particular occasion.

Palazzo/Pants With Kurtis

Palazzo has proven that women’s ethnic wear is not boring and wearing them with a crop top and kurta looks amazing on you. Palazzo pants are popular in Delhi for their comfortable and stylish look making them ideal for casual and semi-formal occasions. It is paired with a kurti which is a traditional Indian tunic that is available in both traditional and modern looks. Kurtis comes in a variety of styles, designs, and patterns from simple to embellished making them ideal for a wide range of occasions. Kurti suits are made from elegant fabric that enhances your look and is a more versatile option for your everyday wear. The loose fit of the pants is both flattering and comfortable for the upper body and fits you well.  

Crop top with sharara

A crop top with sharara is a popular fashion wear in India, especially in Delhi. It is a short-form filing top that exposes the midriff while a sharara is a legged type of pant that is typically paired with a long kurta or tunic. When both are worn together, give a stylish and modern appearance to your personality. The combination of the two is well-suited for women who want to make a style statement with their fashion choices. You can pair it with stylish statement jewelry, high heels, comfortable flats, and a statement clutch or bag. This can be your perfect outfit for special occasions and different parties. This trend is a go-to option for any woman to show off her style. 

Kaftan Kurtis

Kaftan Kurtis has become a fashion trend because it is a fashionable outfit. Its look is different and gives a touchy feel to the wearer. Kaftan Kurtis is generally made from lightweight and breathable fabrics like linen, printed cotton, or silk. They are characterized by their relaxed fit, flowy designs, and wide comfortable sleeves. Kaftan Kurtis comes in a variety of styles and including embroidered kaftan kurta and embellished necklines. You can pair them with statement jewelry, a shawl or scarf, and a pair of comfortable shoes. 

Decision Time

Delhi is a city of open heart people who have a passion for fashion. You can enjoy watching different types of modern clothes even at a single market or place. Women have a lot of craze about their dressing sense and the use of selfies has given a great boost to wearing modern outfits. Plan your next visit to Delhi and you will be overwhelmed with fashion lovers’ craze in the city.

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