9 Remarkable Sign That You Should Marry Your Partner

Marriage is a concept people believe in for spending their life with someone they could live with forever. Though marrying doesn’t give you a perfect soulmate but you have someone who you want to spend your life with who understands you, loves you and makes you feel like he/she is always there for you and makes you feel like home. A home with loads of love, trust, care and understanding.


As a partner(even in friendship) vibes matter a lot as you are chilling or hanging out with them and you really enjoy that moment and don’t want the moment to end you just want it for forever.That’s when you know you are so into them. Even the thought of them makes you so happy when you can spend the whole life with them. You just can’t stay away from them even a small fight makes you sense lost and sad.


See if the person you are being with makes you feel like you are his/her priority or not. Always make you priorities above anything whether it is their favourite sports,thing or person. If you are above all then no doubt he/she thinks about you above anything. Most people prioritize others and make others upset just by making them sense ordinary about that and that’s what makes a second thought of why you begin with them. Don’t settle with being ordinary because you are special(everyone is) and you deserve so much love.


Sometimes things like small surprises,even a rose, special dates of yours, pampering and caring makes you touch so overwhelmed that when your partner does that it makes you mood so special and happy. These things tell you a lot about your partner whether he/she makes you aura special in marriage or not. By feeling special by your loved one is the best feeling one could ever ask for. Sometimes just a little care and pampering makes you sense so special so you have to do it for your partner too and make them mood loved.


For marriage your partner should also respect your culture,family,rituals and things that are associated with you because marriage includes family traditions  that one likes or not but has to follow because of some reasons. Sometimes there are elders that force you to follow rituals for their family tradition so make sure your partner has values towards that too.


When you and your partner have similar long term goals then you both are meant for eachother cause you can accomplish the goals together and help each other by standing beside them. You  should have the same taste and interest for your future whether it is for kids,a home, or any new business startup that you want in the future.  Watching your partner grow is the best feeling ever.


There are hard times in life when people break, everything shatters but that is the time when that one person holds you up and believes in you and stands with you. Those tough times go smoothly with them. You can spend your life with the person who controls up everything and motivates you no matter what the situation, that person never makes you quality alone and that’s what the partner needs.


People have so many goods and bad habits and for a partner you need to know what a person likes or not. After knowing your partner’s habits you make sure that you can live with the person with that habits or not because some habits are not gonna change for life while some will but make sure the habit you don’t like actually not that bad for you that it will make you trouble after marriage like many people don’t like drinking alcohol of their partner which they can’t change and that creates trouble after marriage.


For any happy marriage, friendship is the gift you can give to each other. A relationship that forms after being friends is the top tier thing and as a friend first try to know the person well before moving in for a relationship and then it  will go smoothly. Another important thing is forgiveness which is as necessary as sugar in sweets. You have to learn to forgive each other’s mistakes as you have to live and understand the person.


For a happily ever after, understanding is a key tool. One must understand others when the other person is happy, sad or dealing with mood swings and when he/she needs them. There was a time when you wanted just one person to understand you, not the world, and when they understood you that was the time when you wanted them forever.

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