7 Things You Didn’t Know About Lilies!

Lilies are one of the most loved flowers in the world. The pristine charm of lilies is simply stunning to say the least. This pretty bloom belongs to the family of Liliaceae. There are many types of lilies as well, like, water lily, tiger lily etc. People celebrate different occasions with lilies.

It is one flower that is cultivated throughout the world to put it precisely. Although it is grown mainly for decorative aspects, but other facts of the bloom might leave you in surprise. There are many interesting facts about lilies to be precise. We often go in for lilies to avail flower delivery in Chennai and other cities. 

The gorgeous bunch of beautiful lilies work as a heart-warming gift for our dear and near ones always. Lilies are available in different shades in the present times for the matter. A number of flower arrangements are crafted with pretty lilies to be precise. There are certain interesting facts and details about lilies that you might not be aware of. Now, let us walk you through the 7 of our favourite facts about lilies. 

Interested to know more? Well, read on…

  1. Lilies are perennial plants that can survive and grow without much intervention of the humans. It is during the summer and spring seasons that lilies flower best to put it precisely. Lilies can grow anywhere and everywhere which makes them majestically resourceful to say the least. The growth of lilies ranges from that of two feet to six feet for the matter.
  2. It is one flower that is truly fascinating for pollinators. Lilies attract a lot of insects owing to its tasteful nectar and large colourful flowers. There are specific species of lovely lilies that are known to be pollinated by the wind. The other species are pollinated by the bees for the matter. 
  3. For Online Flowers Bouquet Delivery in the contemporary times, lilies are a popular choice of flower. People love to choose this pristine beauty for their loved ones. Although these are extremely toxic for cats, it comes with a plethora of benefits and values. Lilies have been used for medicinal purposes and different cuisines across the world to put it precisely. The roots of the wood lily are used to treat fevers and stomach disorders. Further, dried lily flowers are used since the ancient times as a laxative or diuretic to put it precisely. 
  4. Lilies are known for their large petals. The flowers can be found in shades of red, purple, yellow, white etc. It is seen that the flowers can also have freckles for the matter. The Tiger Lily is named for its brown and orange spots to be precise. 
  5. Lilies are known for its diverse symbolism throughout the globe. Different hued lilies come with different meanings for the matter. The white lily is symbolic of purity, whereas the tiger lily stands for confidence and pride. In the land of the rising sun, which is Japan, lilies represent the conventional symbol of good luck. White Peruvian lilies are symbolic of devotion and the Greek lore connects the flower with motherhood. 
  6. It is one of the flowers with the longest vase life. Lilies last longer than most flowers. It is believed that lilies are fragrant flowers. But, in reality, not every species of lilies are fragrant ones, it is only the white lily and that of the tiger lily that are scented ones. 
  7. It is the flower of weddings. They are associated with purity, commitment and love which makes it a wedding essential in the present. In the contemporary wedding ceremonies, lilies always grace the occasion representing the love between the couple to put it precisely.

These are the 7 important facts about lilies that are worth knowing. Now, if you feel mesmerised by the grandeur of lilies, don’t forget to choose lilies when you buy flowers online. Lilies are truly magical blooms to put it precisely! 

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