6 Bedroom Design Ideas for Your Custom Home

If you are planning to build a custom home, you must be aware of how great design features create a positive mood. As the bedroom is where you relax and de-stress, the design needs to cater to it. Sure, you can search online for well-designed bedrooms but consulting with experts may also reveal a flurry of ideas. 

Of all the areas of your custom house, the bedroom is what you can call your own. It is that part of your home where you unwind and relax at the end of the day. A great design is sure to complement the much-needed rest in the bedroom. Discuss with custom house builders to create a bedroom that suits your personality and usage. 

Take a look at these bedroom design ideas for your custom home

6 Bedroom Design Ideas for your Custom Home 

  1. Sitting area in the bedroom

There is no denying that bedroom is where you take a rest and sleep, but modern-day bedrooms perform a multitude of functions. So, if you have the space and wish to use it differently, turn a part of your bedroom into a sitting area. Arrange a couple of chairs and a coffee table to make your bedroom a cosy den. Having a sitting area creates the opportunity for discussions with your spouse while enjoying coffee in between your sleep. If you are familiar with custom home builders near me, discuss how to segment space for arranging a seating area. 

  1. Focus on the walls

One of the most prominent aspects of a bedroom is the walls and the windows. But you will never want to dampen your spirit with dull and dreary walls or even wake up to them. Why don’t you go for an accent wall or give them some texture? You can also decorate a wall with family photographs or use an art print. Your aim should be to maintain a bedroom-like ambience while keeping the walls trendy. 

  1. Bring more natural light

If you want to have an impactful design in the bedroom, try to bring natural light in excess. Besides, you can add bigger and more windows or skylights. Having more light in the bedroom will allow you to enhance the look and feel of the room. 

  1. Use it as a home office

Do you already have a home office set up in your residence? Well, you may continue to work in your bedroom at night. To give the final touches to your office work, you can always arrange a small workspace in your bedroom. Just keep in mind to separate the sleeping area so that you don’t interfere with the resting time. Narrow down your plans of customisation in the bedroom. Make sure it does not have a cluttered look and pick the best lighting features to match your needs.

  1. Storage options in the bedroom

You might be in for a surprise but the bedroom is where you can have a storage option. It is certainly not a daunting task and all you need is to hover over plenty of ways to use it for storing your clothes. You can pick separate closets and add drawers and shelves to them. Besides, you can also have chest drawers to store the accessories. Arranging bedside tables is a good idea to boost the storage space. There is a multitude of options available to have more storage options in the bedroom and keep the ambience more relaxing. Keep your plan on the table when discussing with custom home builders Kelowna and customise the room exactly as you want. 

  1. Include more than one master bedroom 

When building a custom house, you may not have two or more master bedrooms. But a Kelowna contractor may recommend designing bedrooms if you have a different taste than your spouse. Multiple master bedrooms may be necessary if you need to design a multi-generational home. Finally, if you have the plan to rent out a portion of your home, having more master bedrooms is how you can go about and stay in the other part of your home. Need a few master bedroom ideas? Bellamy Homes have been designing luxurious custom homes with timeless appeal. Discuss your plans with them if you want unique bedroom design options in your custom home.

These are just a few bedroom ideas you can discuss with the custom house builders. Make sure you get the bedroom of your dreams and make it worthy enough of the money you spend.

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