5 Most Healthy Foods for Pregnant Women to Eat

Eating healthy foods is not only important for pregnant women but also their baby. Its reason is that it is the main source of nourishment for pregnant women. The experts are saying that pregnant women should eat a variety of healthy foods for pregnant in their diet. It will provide important nutrients for the growth and development of the baby. While preparing a diet plan for pregnant women, we should try to add some essential nutrients. In these nutrients, there comes proteins, vitamins, minerals and fibres etc. Here, we will discuss the top five foods that pregnant women should eat.


Either you love meat or not, it is one of the healthy foods for pregnant women to eat. This is a protein source that requires a permanent place in the eating table of pregnant women. The pregnant women should take a cup of cooked lentils. If we take cooked lentils (1 cup), we will get almost 17g of protein. Along with protein, it is also the best resource of iron. This healthy food for pregnant women is also a big source of vitamin B. It will play a vital role in forming the brain and nervous system of your baby. It will also provide some powerful protective effects against some defects. It is also the most important resource of fibre.

When you will increase the intake of fibres during pregnancy, you can keep the digestive system humming. It will also provide enough help to stave off constipation which is relevant to pregnancy. Some pregnant women don’t know how to eat lentils for the best results. You can easily cook lentils. Moreover, you can also use lentils with almost all the dishes. For example, if you want to eat black lentils, you can use them in salads. Similarly, if you want to eat softer brown lentils, you can use them in the hummus recipe. You can also take them in the form of stew-like soup. Pregnant women can also eat them by directly cooking. They should include them in their daily diet routine.


Yoghurt can also prove to healthy food for pregnant women. There requires a steady supply of calcium for the growth of the baby bones. You can easily fulfil this need of the baby just by eating dairy products. Among the dairy products, yoghurt is the best choice for you. You should take two to three servings of yoghurt daily for the better growth of your baby bones. Yoghurt contains almost the same amount of calcium as milk has. Along with calcium, it is also the best source of protein for pregnant women. Yoghurt is also the best resource for active cultures. These active cultures can save you from stomach upset and yeast infections.

Now, the problem is that all the varieties of yoghurt are not healthy foods for pregnant women. Instead of eating flavoured verities, they should look for the plain verities. The plain verities of yoghurt are free from sugars. That’s why you can easily control your calories intake. Some women don’t like the taste of plain yoghurt. They can add honey or chopped fresh fruit for the flavour. Pregnant women can also use its smoothies. They should also add fresh chopped fruits or honey to the smoothies.

Wild Salmon:

Recommended by a dissertation help firm, fatty fishes are also healthy foods for pregnant women. For this reason, you should select cold-water fish like salmon. It is the best resource of DHA Omega-3s. It is helpful for the baby in various ways. First, our body can’t make it. It provides enough help in the metabolism of fat-soluble vitamins. In these vitamins, there comes vitamins A and E. When you will eat wild salmon, pregnant women can save themselves from prenatal depression. Wild salmons are also helpful for pregnant women because they develop the eyes and brain of the baby.

Along with DHA Omega-3s, it is also one of the best resources of iodine. You will never face any problem while eating this seafood during pregnancy. Therefore, you can take two to three servings of 8 to 12 ounces of wild salmon in a week. You can eat wild salmon in various ways. First, you can use it in the roasting form. Secondly, you can also eat it with green or rice. Thirdly, you can also enjoy it with sweet potatoes and green vegetables. At last, you can also eat it with salads.


Eggs have become incredible and healthy foods for pregnant women. It contains almost all the nutrients that pregnant women require. If you will eat a large egg, you will get almost 80 calories. It is also the best resource for getting high-quality proteins and fats. You can also get minerals and vitamins by eating eggs. When you will eat eggs, you will also get choline. It is the best nutrient that pregnant women require. It also plays a vital role in the brain development of the baby. If you will eat enough eggs, you can also save your baby from the development of brain abnormalities. During the pregnancy, you will have to take 450 mg of choline. If you will eat one whole egg, you will get 147 mg of choline. Therefore, you can easily fulfil your intake of choline just by eating eggs.


These small foods are also healthy foods for pregnant women. These foods contain all the important minerals and vitamins. In these minerals and vitamins, there come zinc, magnesium and potassium etc. The nuts are also the best resources of fibre, protein and healthy fats etc. Pregnant women can easily eat the nuts. They can eat them as on-the-go snacks. Pregnant women should not think about specific nuts. Its reason is that all the nuts have certain nutritional values. Therefore, they should try to use all the healthy nuts. As these nuts are the best resource of fats, that’s why it is the best food for the health of pregnant women. You can also add these nuts to the yoghurt as flavours. They can use them with other dishes too. Anyhow, pregnant women can also eat nuts based on their taste.

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