10 Tips for Making Happy Decisions About How to Spend Your Time, Energy, and Money

In human life, the human being works for three things: clothes, food and house. I also called this survival of life. But these three things are dependent only on the one thing that is money. The most important is the decision we take to use our time. For most people, time is wealth. It is real in a practical world. As time is the essence, sometimes we have to rethink the decision we make. The first thing that comes to our mind is: If the decision is right or wrong? 

Decision-making is the utmost priority. Taking a decision and sticking to their end makes a big difference in life. It gives you a sense of acquisition and trust.. During decision making, you had to look forward to certain factors: 

  • Effect on the relationship with family and friends
  • Challenges faced while deciding
  • Encountering a situation, what are the energy levels
  • The risk associated with this decision
  • Imaging life after making that decision
  • A Decision is according to my ethics and beliefs

Sometimes, according to the situation, we have to rethink our decision. 

For deciding you need a perfect mental situation, you need energy. To increase the levels of energy, you need to make the routine. 

Food: The fuel to the brain and the body is food. Eating an inadequate amount of healthy food for proper brain function. Drinking plenty of liquid and hydrating can keep you away from minor breakdowns. Dehydration can lead to headaches, fatigue.

Sleep: Proper sleep of 7-8 hours per day relaxes your body. There is no clear proof that how long we had to sleep. Lack of sleep can disturb your body and cause restlessness.

Proper utilization: Planning your day adds something that can bring meaning to your life. Help others, do charity work, and be involved with many organizations. Charitable organizations and nongovernment organizations are helping many people.

Exercise: Exercise strengthens the core, empowers the brain. Doing a little physical exercise keeps you refreshed throughout the day. Mental exercises, such as meditation, can help to stabilize your life. Balance is important in every aspect, be it social, economic, or personal. 

Observe: Every day we came across thousands of thoughts, be they positive or negative. But thoughts eventually drain your energy. Negative thoughts can drain your energy and leave you with the feeling of depression. Positive thoughts can fill you with extra energy.

Social network: Meeting many people, some people can be good influencers or bad influencers. The friends we keep often define us. So, keep in contact with the nice people and stay away from the antihero people.

Digital news: We often receive the news with the help of newspapers, television. Covid 2019 has taken a toll on human life. We had heard, seen the demise of many near ones. With the news of the death of many lives, many people had left the desire to live. So, avoid that grief news.  

The important decision we had to remind are:

Planning: Plan your day and make a note of the things that are consuming too much energy. Organize your task in a manner that you will survive the whole day. Sometimes we do most of the hard work during the morning time and leave tired evenings to ourselves. Prioritize the work and do it accordingly.

Monitoring: Observe your schedule and make a list of the task that you do every day. Sometimes the task can drain your energy and can increase your energy levels. So, while doing a task, observe the energy around and act accordingly. I can add more tasks depending on the energy.

Inner strength: Inner strength can help in withstanding every hard task. The term that we have heard is “Impossible” in the reality of three words “I am possible”. If the inner strength is strong, then no one can break your willpower.

Investing time, money, and energy is essential. Proper timing and planning can help in getting bigger investments. Small daily routine habits can naturally boost your energy. Being energetic can help you lead a good life. 

Keep investing, gaining profits! 

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