Top 10 Indian Startup Media Platforms 2022

Any new startup wants to get their name out there, get a break, or spread a message. Therefore, every founder of a startup wants to publish their startup on an Indian startup media platform. Introduce all potential founders, seed investors, venture capitalists, advertising, etc. to the startup. Based on traffic, brand recognition, page rating, and listing capacity, the following product submission list has been carefully vetted.

With 3100 startups likely to launch annually from now on, India has risen to the third-largest startup base in the world. Additionally, there will be more. In 2022, over 50 Indian firms might join the unicorn club—startups valued at over $1 billion each—according to a PwC report.

To evaluate the influence of the Indian startup ecosystem on the national economy, it is required to track its growth trajectory. India currently has the third-largest startup ecosystem in the world, and it is also seeing a greater CAGR than China in terms of venture capital inflow, according to Inc 42. In this article we will discuss Top 10 Startup Media Platforms in India 2022.

List of Top 10 Indian Startup Media Platforms 2022

  • The Economic Times
  • VCCircle
  • Inc42
  • YourStory
  • Entrackr
  • The Free Press Journal
  • Livemint
  • Businessworld Disrupt
  • Indian Startup News

This exceptional startup growth has enabled the birth of Startup Media. These media tech websites now cover everything related to startups, including company tales, investment news, and industry analysis. Below is a list of the Top 10 Indian Startup Media Platforms for 2022.

The Economic Times

The Times Group is the owner of The Economic Times, an English-language daily newspaper with a business focus that is published in India. It was initially released in 1961.

The company debuted ET Prime, an exclusive platform for subscribers, in 2018. The company provides content focused on stock prices, commodity prices, the Indian economy, international finance, and other financial subjects.

VCCircle :

In 2005, Sahad P.V. founded VCCircle. It is a section of Mosaic Digital, HT Media Limited’s wholly owned subsidiary and the leading media technology firm in India. The growing needs of investors, business owners, corporate tech companies, startups, and other groups are catered to by VCCircle.
There is coverage of transactions, exits, mergers and acquisitions, investors, investments, entrepreneurship, management, and strategy.


Leading Indian startup media platform Inc42 was established in January 2015. They cover every technology in India’s internet economy, from breaking the newest news to finding the hottest businesses, up-and-coming trends, and clarifying complex topics.

In 2020, the business introduced Inc42 Plus, a membership programme created to give professionals and business executives the tools and insights they need to stay ahead of India’s tech economy. India’s fastest growing media membership, with over 10,000 people have enrolled in its membership programme.


YourStory, one of the top media tech companies documenting the tale of startups, was founded by Shradha Sharma in 2008.


Gurgaon-based In 2017, Jai Vardhan and Jitendra Singh founded Entrackr. It is a cutting-edge Indian startup media platform for business owners, startups, and tech lovers, and they cover technology startups and advancements in the surrounding area on a regular basis with in-depth analysis and profound insights.

The Free Press Journal:

Swaminathan Sadanand founded The Free Press Journal in 1928. One of the earliest English newspapers published in Mumbai is this one. During the liberation movement, the newspaper was a leader in amplifying the voice of India.

Through this platform, they publish articles and news of all kinds. Under the notorious Press Act, which allowed the rulers complete authority to seize any press or magazine, their publication was suspended by the British government on multiple occasions.


The HT Media company, which was established in 2007, publishes the media-tech or financial daily newspaper Livemint. They follow market trends, offer daily national, international, and business news, and provide in-depth coverage of significant events.

Businessworld Disrupt:

Businessworld introduced BW Disrupt, a media platform for startups, in 2016 to capitalise on the burgeoning entrepreneurial fervour in the Indian startup scene.


The rapidly-growing Indian startup media platform was launched in 2020 and is called VIESTORIES. It allows startups and entrepreneurs to cover and publish their journeys through video talks, interviews, articles, and news.

According to the company, thousands of entrepreneurial stories and more than 5000 fundraising news articles have been published to date.

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On its Indian startup media platform, VIESTORIES offers a variety of the most recent startup information, including startup news, funding, acquisition, merger, and investments.

Businesses, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders can use the company’s platform to disseminate their story to a global audience through video chats, interviews, articles, and news.

They intend to help the “Make in India” movement along. To encourage young people to think creatively and make their ideas into profitable businesses, they have created the VIESTORIES platform. They have a team of people who are very enthusiastic about their job in areas such as research, networking, content production, design, writing, filming, editing, and social media marketing.

Indian Startup News:

Indian Startup News covers the Indian startup ecosystem end-to-end. They empower, connect, and expand India’s startup ecosystem. They provide first-rate startup news.

Since its inception in Bangalore in 2019, Indian startup news has rapidly expanded across the country. Its purpose is to shed light on the underappreciated business initiatives happening in second- and third-tier cities, and to help them network with the most successful players in the startup world.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Which are the Top 10 Indian Startup Media Platforms 2022?

1. The Economic Times

2. VCCircle


4. Inc42

5. YourStory

6. LiveMint

7. Entrackr

8. Businessworld Disrupt

9. The Free Press Journal

10. Indian Startup News

Which are the Top 10 Indian Startup Media Platforms in Hindi 2022?

HINDI.VIESTORIES, YourStory, etc are the Top 10 Indian Startup Media Platforms in Hindi 2022.

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