A Culinary Journey to India: Unveiling the Delights of Rose Tandoori in Feltham

A Culinary Journey to India Unveiling the Delights of Rose Tandoori in Feltham

Located right in the center of Feltham, Rose Tandoori is pulling guests in with wonderfully spicy Indian food aromas. Leave behind the dull and uninspiring curries, here you will come across and experience the delightful culinary adventure where each dish is a masterpiece of some unique spice, texture and flavors and takes you straight to the busy streets of India. Coming in through our front door you will be overcome by the sweetness of cardamom, cumin and coriander seasonings. Our tandoor oven producing whiffs of smoke serenading the air, a glimpse of the juiciness of the meals to come.

A Passion for Tradition

Passion for Indian food at Rose Tandoori is not just a phrase, but very existence of the restaurant in order to survive. It is our faith in the fairy-tale of treasured recipes, tangibly transmitted through generations. These culinary artists, better referred to as our chefs, although true masters of their craft, only use the most fresh ingredients to become wonders that are both a treat for the palate and the soul. Look no further than Rose Tandoori, as the place to satisfy your next Indian delicacy need.

Taste your buds unexpecting such fantastic flavors

Our menu is full of the best and most popular dishes of India, like Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Rogan Josh, vegetables and Basmati rice which are roasted and burned. In addition, we take care of vegetarian and also Bangladeshi options as well.

Convenience you crave

Don’t feel like cooking? No problem! Customers are also offered a simple takeaway system from Rose Tandoori. The easiest way is to talk to us at 0208 894 796 6 or come to 12, Market Parade, Hanworth, Hampton Rd W, Feltham TW13 6AL, UK for your order.

The dreamy meal for all sorts of occasions.

No matter if you’re hosting a friendly meetup, spending a calm night in, or just need a perfect lunch at midday, I’m absolutely sure Rose Tandoori’s food will be tasty for you!.

Beyond the biryani

  •  Let’s be honest: we know biryani is an all-time favorite dish, and that’s why we offer a bunch of variants such as Chicken Biryani, Prawn Biryani and even a lamb special Biryani. However our menu is very comprehensive. Discover salsas like our Chicken Balti Curry or beverages like cool lime soda, and delicious Papadoms.

A World of Tastes is Ready To Be Discovered

The wide range of our menu manifests the limitless nature of Indian cuisine. Whether you are an old hand at making curry or a curious whose has never been to an Asian restaurant, we got you.

Tandoori Delights

Envelop yourself in the smoking magic of our Tandoori favorites. Successfully spiced pieces of chicken, lamb, or fish marinated in a clay tandoor oven, and cooked to a tender form follow the ingredients. From the mellow Tandoori Chicken to the fiery Seekh Kebabs, you feel your tongue’s delight as you munch each bite.

Curries that Captivate

Explore the splendid Indian curries which are replete with coconut and milk. Our chefs have mastered the art of adding spices to make foods that not only soothes, but also causes excitement in the mouth. Famous favorites such as Chicken Tikka Masala or Lamb Rogan Josh cook in aromatic sauces and for the open-minded it is possible to taste from Vindaloo or Jalfrezi . Remember the vegans – we also do a fantastic range of flavorful curries made from vegetables that are so fresh you can literally smell them.

Biryani Bliss

Each Indian culinary journey should end bless with biryani. The rice dish that I make is a feast of colors, aromas, and textures with the meat, vegetables, and aromatic spices all layered into it. While at Rose Tandoori we present you a range of biryanis, they include every popular choice like Chicken Biryani, or you can be adventurous and go for Prawn Biryani, or for melting in your mouth moment, Lamb Biryani is the right pick.

Beyond the Classics

The menu goes deep into the traditional Indian kitchen with not only the usual takeaway style food but also extended menu points. We invite you to explore brand new sensations to you, hidden gems that will nibble away your last skepticism.

Desi Delights

Open the world of Chicken Chettinad seeing the mouth-watering flavors or join to the spicy ride of Chicken Madras.

Balti Bonanza

  • Try our Balti specialty meals which will make your dining experience totally different from the usual food presentation. Beg ín wok or balti paintings, this dish has a unique and literally flavor which is both thick and appealing. Our suggestion is Chicken Balti, a true classic alongside the Lamb Balti if you want fiery.

Don’t Forget the Sides!

To procure an Indian meal, it is not enough to have the main course as after all what completes each meal are those perfect accompaniments. our side menu at Rose Tandoori is far beyond the normal menu as it picks up

Fluffy Rice

  • Let the cuddly softness of our exquisitely cooked Basmati rice be your showcase and ensure that every drop of the curry is absorbed.

Flavorful Breads

  • We have Naan which is the classic bread for you but that is only the beginning for the pretty amazing Indian breads we have that give your meal a whole new texture and taste.
  • Refreshing Raita: Unwind yourself and add a bit of bite to your meal with my dollop creamy raita, which a yoghurt-based side dish that brings a tang and freshness to the dish.
  • Tangy Pickles: For foodies who love a little more heat, our Indian Pickles add that vibrant glowing spark that enhances any food force.

In fight for top position as Indian takeaway in Feltham?

Sorry, you can stop weighing all the options because Rose Tandoori is beckoning! We know that you will be satisfied with our mouthwatering, friendly service,and take away possibilities.

On one hand, we are expert in the best Chicken Tikka Roll in Feltham and on the other hand we serve a variety of other mouthwatering dishes too.

Ready to order?

 Call us now, or drop in to see our offerings from today’s full menu on our online menu!

A Gastronomic Event for Every Celebration

Rose Tandoori is the perfect solution for any occasion. Whether you’re craving a comforting meal after a long day, hosting a gathering with friends, or simply looking for a delicious treat, our food is sure to hit the spot.

Convenient Takeaway

Don’t feel like cooking? No worries! Have restated our takeout facility, you can thus easily have fun to the aroma of Rose Tandoori from the comfort of your home. You will have an easy way of ordering by calling our premises at 0208 894 796 6 or simply visiting us at 12, Market Parade, Hampton Rd W, Hanworth, Feltham TW13 6AL, United Kingdom.

Catering Services

Would you like to host the party of the summer or plan the upcoming event in your community? Rose Tandoori additionally provides catering facility that enables you to serve the taste of traditional Indian dishes to others through it.

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